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Frequently Asked Questions

People can access on any device they wish: mobile, desktop or tablet. We are technically a Progressive Web App so whatever device they use, they will always have an amazing user experience. If they want, mobile users can also download to their home screen just like a regular app! For you, this means unlimited reach to a national audience.

Pretty much! is a platform full of all the things that people can see and do in their leisure time. So whether you're an experience provider like an attraction, theatre, event, activity, or you want to get your brand or business in front of a national, out‐going audience, is for you.

There isn't one. We need to make money of course, but we only profit when you do. It's our "everyone wins" formula.

We make money through taking a small percentage of each ticket we sell ‐ in fact, it's the lowest in the industry. Something we are super proud of at

Of course you can... best of all for you, is totally free of charge! We are proud of being able to support local community events and free events. In fact, we go out of our way to have as much diversity and inclusivity on our platform. We see everyone in every type of experience and listing free events on connects a community of like‐minded individuals.

Good question! Let's try to answer this without going "full geek"...

When you sign up, our tech team connects with your existing ticketing system via an API integration. You don't have to change anything! This means that when a user buys a ticket on our platform, they're actually buying it in real‐time from you. Users never have to leave to complete their booking journey, meaning we sell more tickets for you and your process doesn't change one bit.

Absolutely. We have a team of passionate journalists across the UK who can't wait to bring out the wonder and intrigue of your experience. Log in to your dashboard and be as involved as you want, knowing our lovely team will be there to unlock your potential to every person in the UK.

Always ‐ our team just doesn't stop growing! We're forever on the lookout for fresh, fierce talent to join us on our mission at The amount of applications we're receiving forever astounds us, so we must be doing something right!

This is simple. Tickets are sent via email upon purchase from and the tickets will show all the info that is usually on your tickets. Easy peasy.

As a world‐leading platform we have partnered with the best tech companies. We use Stripe Connect who efficiently divvy out the funds when a user buys a ticket. It is all automated, which means no manual reconciliation either end. As part of joining, our online wizard will get you set up on Stripe Connect.